Prior to the Covid SHUTDOWN, we developed processes and modalities to maintain the connection with Dental offices. Our original intent was to present singular products and services, but it has quickly morphed into a more comprehensive sales model. We have aggressively engaged with multiple dental manufacturers and SaaS providers and showed them an ROI.

The 2021 and beyond Challenge
In this new age of cloud computing technologies, AI, Machine Learning, and mobile usage, it will continue to change the dental arena, leading to market disruption, pre and post Covid19. As a result, as product development, distribution, marketers, and salespeople must evolve as well.
Harnessing automation and allowing for technology to make the process more productive and agile. HOW? Utilizing data mining and new sources of customer data DDS creates PERSONALIZED communications. DDS uses analytics to optimize marketing activities, along with Online presence.

Dental Information & Dental Resources